Installing a Custom Firmware

This guide shows on how to install a custom firmware on your Galaxy device.
Installing Fresh is very easy! Whether you're a new user, or an experienced user running another custom firmware, Fresh is the easiest to try and experience.

What is a 'custom firmware'?

A custom firmware is a type of third-party software aimed to replace the current one installed on your device, typically installed by your manufacturer. Through custom firmware (also known as "custom ROMs"), you can:

Keep Yourself Updated

Custom firmware can keep your device updated to the latest available version of Android.

Experience More Features

Custom ROMs add features to your device that would have typically required a flagship, more expensive device.

Improve Performance

Custom ROMs typically have 'tweaked' the system, allowing you to run more demanding apps and games on your device.
Custom firmwares are developed by developers not associated by the device manufacturer. Make sure that you trust the firmware's developer before proceeding to install a custom firmware.

Ready to install Fresh?

Follow the guides below to have the most seamless Fresh experience.